History of Pink Thai 7 Years on Hold

4 months ago

One of the details I noticed in the Smoke.io community is that it is full of sincere people, who have honestly motivated me a lot to continue leaving my valuable contribution for this great community.

In this new post I want to talk about the Pink Thai genetics I cultivated and harvested in 2018, the story I have to tell about this plant is very interesting.


In 2011 a friend sent me 4 seeds of Pink Thai from Spain, I germinated some at that time but with little success, then I had only one seed left of the 4 that had been sent to me and I kept it until last year, in May 2018 I decided to germinate the seed of Pink Thai that I had left, so I started the process and its germination was very good in a short time and I was on my way. It is surprising that a seed with 7 years kept has germinated without setbacks, in fact a colleague told me that he believes that it is a record, that he did not know of someone who has germinated a seed with so much time, I would like to know if you have knowledge of someone who has germinated a seed with all that time being refrigerated and properly stored, if you have information on the matter you send it to me in the comments.


The vegetative growth of the Pink Thai was totally organic it placed humus of earthworm with a mix of rich earth in nutrients, in addition always watered with extract of neem to maintain to ray to the plagues that as you know always arrive with the intention to damage, also sometimes watered with humate of potassium to help to develop better the roots and other benefits.


In all its stage of growth it developed well, when I discovered that it was female and I took it to stage of flowering it was gratifying.

Flowering Stage

For 2 months and 3 days he was in this stage of flowering which is one of the most awaited by us growers, it is the definitive process to obtain those blessed flowers that brighten our sight and senses. I realized an important detail and is that the plant had a seed despite being female, this indicated that it had self-pollinated and was incredible, but true, the first time that happened to me and verified it under my own experience.


The fertilizers I used were organic, as I always do with all my crops, I applied banana tea, potassium humate, before I used bat guano but now it is more difficult to get.


So the flowering process was successful, and when I made the precise cut, I only had to leave it in the drying process for 15 days and then pass it to cure. When the 15 days of drying were completed that I began to cut the buds and leaves to move them to healing, I found another pleasant surprise the plant had more seeds and by sex most likely are feminized seeds, in total gave me 5 seeds that allow me to extend the life of this plant species through its seeds and be able to re-cultivate this incredible genetics, which is one of the best plants I have grown.

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Congrats on that beauty as well as being able to continue it. 😁


Thank you @armshippie for your good wishes.

That’s a nice green and white mix. Five seeds is also great. Let us know how it smoked!


If the combination of colors apart from the effect is also amazing, just seeing how it looked was exciting, when it came time to harvest it.


I don’t necessarily believe things should be mutually exclusive, but you’re the author. 🤘

Thanks this lesson on pink thai, I have never had the chance to try it but I think most pink strains are bomb


Yes, indeed

Congratulations on the successful grow.


Thank you @zuculuz

ok good luck

Really nice post, welcome once again and thanks for the comments earlier :)


Excellent that you enjoyed the publication @easyrider thanks for the support.