Extracting Pollen or Hashish Dry When Waiting Days Pass

6 months ago


When we cultivate always that we are precise we will go better, in this case I speak of the drying and the cured one, after 15 days it seems to me the ideal time to dry the buds and of course it is necessary to make the fundamental test breaking the branches and that they have that characteristic sound of the crash that indicates to us that it is totally dry, from that moment we can cut the buds of the dry stem, separate them by size and place them in a hermetic glass container, we can cure our harvest for at least 1 month, of course opening the glass container every day for 20 minutes to aerate the material.

But it turns out that the wait has to be disciplined, we can not take any of those buds to try, if they have not yet completed the month of curing, so the leaves that we have also collected from our plants will serve us to have a certain percentage of aperitif of what comes and so we make the wait shorter, with our leaves we can extract pollen or hashish dry, from the dried leaves, we crumble them in the grinder and then we place the grinder in the freezer for more than 6 hours, if it is more time better, so that the material freezes and after we take it from the freezer, we can place 2 clean coins where the leaves are and we shake the grinder a good time and we will be able to extract the pollen or hashish that will serve as a dressing to love us some good cigars that will relax us in the wait for the powerful material that we are curing. All this indicated for the Grinders that have 3 compartments.


It is also interesting to explain that the dry leaves of the cannabis although they have little percentage of THC in comparison with the buds, you can contribute a slight effect that helped to relax you in the week, in addition the leaves also can be medicinal because inside her there is still chlorophyll that can help our health, serves to strengthen the cardiac system to improve the functioning of the digestive system.

Chlorophyll can bring us many benefits such as oxygenate and detoxify the body, helps oxygenate the blood and increases its production, strengthens the immune system, is anti-cancer and has many healing properties.

I hope that from this publication we understand that Cannabis plants are very profitable, so it is vital to cultivate them because they are the health of the nation.

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Curing is easier if you have already cured bud,. but if you don't well then it sucks :) A friend told me if you wanna get good at curing you gotta learn to forget about the bud.


In no way when you learn to cure well you can have an excellent material, it is highly recommended to make them in glass containers or glass hermetic and give them a little air to prevent them from having mold of any kind, although generally when you have dried well, you practically avoid the mold.

I do not understand very well what you say, fortunately I give time to the processes that need buds to enjoy a good material, try to explain better, your response was somewhat confusing.