Experimental Test of the Cotton Candy

5 months ago


The previous week the 11th of October the Tempo Norte was 1 month old and I was able to smoke it or vaporize it, I try it just smoking it and its flavor is a little stronger than the Tempo Norte with a totally different effect and as time goes by it relaxes, while I write I am under the mantle of this genetics listening Hip Hop of the old school a group named Brass Tacks from Canada who has knowledge about Hip Hop music will know who I speak, have several classic themes of the 90's, with respect to the Cotton Candy tends to dry the palate and certain part of the mouth this in my experience, when this happens is that is inclined towards the type of medicinal Cannabis, the problem as I mentioned in my previous publication is that this herb can last me, because the production was not so extensive, but if I am satisfied with the quality, for the next crop God by applying the Guano very early in Pre-flowering so that the flowers take on much more strength.

The night remains under a quiet perspective and some time ago I had some work writing about the beginning of the NBA, who likes basketball, here in Smoke we can also talk about that subject, because that great sport also unifies, has many players in the league who like to enjoy the grass in their free time and who are advocates of its legalization.


The excellent thing about this Cotton Candy genetics is that you can flow very well in any conversation or creative activity, the Tempo Norte also, I always have about 3 liters of water nearby because this variety is very thirsty and it is always important the timely hydration, there are many jobs I have done under the effect of Cannabis that even after a good time I think very intelligent with an excellent level of cunning and insight, when we have conviction, identity and knowledge in what we do becomes classic and is valuable for those who know how to determine quality.

The smell is very pleasant is perceived as a medicinal sugary syrup with a certain shade of pine, the truth would have to be in front of the material to perceive how the incredible aroma is manifested.

I will continue testing this organic material in different labors and thus be able to make an interesting introspection in the process by means of the results of some creative works.

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