Cotton Candy Retrospective in the Park

4 months ago

In May 2017 I had conversations with some friends about a project of Self-sufficiency of seeds that they wanted to create and the idea seemed excellent to me, because they were going to be sending seeds of interesting genetics to trustworthy cultivators, I told them to count on me to participate in the project, so I could be receiving seeds directly from Europe to South America, from time to time and to cultivate different genetics every year.


The seeds were sent to me and arrived in record time only took 6 days to reach safe harbor and the most comfortable thing was that the postman delivered them to me in front of my residence, in a letter, I checked them and then I rushed to refrigerate them to protect them from the heat.

One of the genetics that they sent me was the Cotton Candy belonging to the seed bank of Delicious Seeds, who for what I read are celebrating 10 years providing good genetics, this is the link to the website if you want to explore it:

The Cotton Candy combines the sweetness of the candy with the softness of the cotton, that I could verify it recently before vaporizing it, when I was tasting it I thought that it was in a park near the lady who sells cotton candy, and I had a great retrospective with the smell, has high levels of THC and maximizes the tasty characteristics of the best marijuana.


Delicious Seeds talks about the Cotton Candy as one of the most perfect and appetizing hybrids. Tasty and sensory, the variety fuses the sweetness of sweet caramel and the softness of cotton. Cotton Candy Kush (DS19). Maximizes the delicious properties of the best cannabis. Your pleasure is not a one-day thing.

The Delicious Seeds growing team has long accepted the challenge and set to work in our winery. The aim was to develop a plant with enormous growing potential without neglecting the organoleptic characteristics that both identify the Delicious varieties; a plant with excellent yields both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses, a large resin producer (THC), easy to grow, resistant to fungi, pests and stress.


Cotton Candy Kush (DS19) is obtained as a result of crossing one of the South African genetic varieties with the greatest cultivation potential, the Power Plant, with one of our best mothers, Lavender (Super Skunk - Big Skunk Korean - Afghani - Hawaiian). The result is a perfect plant that produces large, long, foxtail-like buds and acquires a metallic lavender tone in the leaves at the end of flowering.

Due to its calyx-leaf relationship, it is an easy plant to manicure. This variety produces such an intense and penetrating aroma that it inebriates only to smell it; it is a variety very rich in THC, and of perfect organoleptic characteristics. Welcome to the paradise of flavors and colors of Cotton Candy Kush (DS19).


In my personal experience it is a plant worth growing, it was the last harvest I had last year and I cut it specifically on December 15, 2018, in the morning hours, with the clinical eye to do it at the ideal time.

Later in my next publication I will talk about the idea of a project, to see if it is possible to create it together with everyone in to participate and give their opinion on it.

At some point you will have the opportunity to cultivate and taste this jewel and if you have already done so do not hesitate to leave your impressions and experience with this genetics.

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Mmmm mm I hope it tastes as good as it looks when it's ready!


If of course it is an effect that wakes you up, it keeps you very active but at the same time it relaxes you.

Those are some nice looking plants - sound tasty too. The pictures make me look forward to the warm summer :)


We are close again to the warm summer the ideal time to cultivate since April, it is an excellent plant.

Cotton Candy is a fantastic strain and those flowers are so bright in color they look to be almost glowing


If it's a great plant

Are these your plants? Or are you planning on growing these seeds soon?


My plants bro, you have to read well the story there I specify it in a clear way.