Cotton Candy Harvest Day

7 months ago


Today came the day to cut the Cotton Candy in fact I think the plant was ready on Sunday but for work reasons I had to let pass some days, I decided to cut it at 60 days but that day I became impossible, then the cut today at 61 days of flowering and I think the cut at its optimum.

The aroma of the plant is as its name indicates is perceived as fruits bathed in cotton candy and the production was not massive but not bad because I know that I will have a material of absolute quality, I also want to corroborate after the respective drying and curing effect driven by the fertilizer of Guano de Murciélago that by the information I have collected and opinions of other growers who have had the experience, mention that gives more power to the harvest and with a characteristic flavor.


In the next publication I will also make interesting macros so that you can observe the state of the trichomes on the day of the cut in a more detailed way, for now I will leave some photos that I was able to capture today before cutting the plant.

As I have expressed it in previous publications the harvest days are special because it is when we collect what we have cultivated with sacrifice and it definitely makes it an extremely special day.



I hope you have enjoyed this publication, specifically the community that knows how special the Cannabis plant is and how it has become a fundamental part of our culture over time and has a global range and more with platforms like that unites all of us who contribute so that our consciousness transcends.

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looks great! 👍


Someone is gonna have a good time!

Great exhibit, send to the exhibition


What exhibition do you mean, friend?

Just out of curiousity, what would happen if you just left that tree/plan alone. Like what would happen to the bud?


Anything could happen, continue to ripen until it is damaged, or be eaten by insects, birds or caterpillars, it would be a waste for such a well-structured shoot with a mind-blowing aroma.

Have you ever grown Cannabis?