Comparison and Results: Bat Guano Applied to Cannabis

4 months ago

Comparacion 2 - Cotton Candy 3er dia - 9no dia fertilizada.jpg

As you know a few days ago, I was able to find the bat guano, a subject that I talked about in great detail in one of my previous publications which you can read in my profile, then I took some photos of the plants with 3 days, after having applied the guano, of course in that time was not going to notice much, but I did it to then make a comparison when a few days passed and I took other photos, after 9 days, I did another photographic capture and the results surprised me, because I think that in only 9 days that has had such a development, I think that this material has a great power and I imagine that if in such a short time the effect has been so evident, when the month arrives, I imagine the results will be much more incredible.

Compracion 1 - Tempo Norte 3er dia - 9no dia.jpg

And not only that, after 12 days I will put you Te de Banana and I will do this combination between organic fertilizers, that from what I see will give amazing results, it is the first time that I combine in a culture in stage of flowering these 2 fertilizers, the Bat Guano Tea together with the Banana Tea between irrigations, and this gives me absolute pleasure to be able to fertilize my plants always with organic fertilizers, I have never liked to use chemicals and that is important because it creates a positive impact on our health and it is totally friendly with nature to be able to use this type of organic material that I have also been able to demonstrate with this comparison of only 9 days that is extremely powerful.

I hope you have enjoyed this publication and I will try this week to update with regard to my crop and the next steps I will take to continue increasing and developing the flowering of my plants.

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I agree, weeds love tea, even ordinary black tea is good for growth. At the washing stage, it quickly neutralizes harmful substances in plants. Sometimes it’s enough to water the plant with Indian or Ceylon black tea instead of water, I usually make 1 teaspoon per 0.3 l of water.

Nice plants you got there my friend, looks like one of those ruderalis - auto flower strains...

Gotta love those...

Enjoy your juicy harvest! :)

Looks denser! Great work mate, keep us posted on its growth progress! :)