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5 months ago


It's been more than 24 days since I started testing some of the genetics I harvested this year, but I felt so comfortable trying them that I ended up smoking every day, because they have a very good effect that has allowed me to both relax and work and that only indicates that I cut at the precise point, reaffirming the theory I put into practice to harvest, thanks also to data from some colleagues.

I started first with Tempo Norte, the effect is warm as well as lasting, it allows you to socialize and maintain a fluid conversation, often when we do not produce so much grass we regret it but it also depends on the resources we have at the moment and I believe that for how complicated the economic situation is in my country, to be able to have material of this quality even if it is for a certain time, is a pleasure that I must take advantage of and enjoy without so many worries.


The time comes to take a strategic break that will allow me to have some grass in the future, can be somewhat uncomfortable because whenever you have grass, it is satisfying to be under the effect and therefore we must have patience, to be successful in the wait.

The second variety I was able to test was the Cotton Candy with a stronger aroma like more pine, its effect is somewhat different to the Tempo Norte but is also very powerful and I understand that it is also medicinal, I was making some porros with papers OCB those French papers that many of us know and are the favorites because they are classic and high quality, but with this way of eating Cannabis yields us less grass, so I have to use a pipe zeppelin type to manage the proportions.


As time goes by I will update my work managing the material I still have, hopefully I can extend it as much as possible, until the next crop.

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