Bat Guano, Search and Encounter of a Jewel of Organic Fertilizers

8 months ago


In all the time that I have been reading and researching about the best organic fertilizers recommended for the cultivation of Cannabis, the Guano de Murciélago is considered as one of the jewels of the crown by growers around the world, I only had the opportunity to buy it twice, in one occasion I bought it from a boy who sold it on the Internet and in the other a relative from Argentina sent it to me, when it was possible to make shipments of fertilizers, now it is totally forbidden, it is almost impossible to pass it through airports unless you have some contact.

Well after all these years of growing my fixed fertilizer for the flowering stage has been the banana tea, who has fulfilled, but to be honest does not have half the power that if it can have the Bat Guano, this year I decided to try again in the search for the location of the Bat Guano or some other organic fertilizer more potent than the banana tea, to give more strength to the buds of my plants, which are currently in pre-flowering, so I decided to continue searching on the internet and found a sale ad in limited quantities of Guano de Murciélago and I was interested but with the doubt, the ad had a contact phone so I decided to send an SMS asking if the organic fertilizer was available and within an hour was receiving response, who told me if I had available and asked me how much I needed? I decided to buy a kilo of the material, but there were 2 doubts, to know if this person was to be trusted and that the material was in another city extremely distant to mine, the first doubt was the most outstanding, but the gentleman who had answered me called me and we spoke well on the subject, I inspire confidence so I decided to trust and as the saying goes that does not risk does not win.


The weekend I was investigating which was the best option in reference to the shipping company, so at the beginning of the week I called the gentleman to square the purchase and logistics to send me the kilo of Guano de Murciélago, while I was talking with the gentleman I had fortunately already finished giving him the address data, so that he could send me the material, there was a power failure in my country at a national level, those moments without light were something overwhelming as always when it happens because we do not know when the power will come back, around 11:00 p.m. I return the light, I decided to rest and get up early to make the deposit of the purchase of the Guano de Murciélago, in the morning I decided to call to the gentleman to confirm and to verify all the data, I made the bank transference I warned him and the gentleman and that same day Tuesday he made the sending and he sent me in a message with the number of guide of the package.


Today Thursday I communicated in the middle of the morning with the shipping company and they told me that my package had arrived and I felt very well, a relative did me a favor of finding me the package because I stayed in my studio working, I uncovered the package when I arrived at my residence and the smell of the material is extremely powerful, so in some days to feed my plants in their flowering stage with one of the best organic fertilizers on the planet is very satisfying, because for many years I was looking for and the best of all is that I already have a reliable supplier until the existence runs out.

If someone who reads me has experience using Guano de Murciélago in their plants, do not hesitate to leave me your recommendations or opinions, I plan to dilute the guano in water letting it rest all night and apply it in the morning irrigation, what I am not clear yet is how much to apply per liter, I read that 1 tablespoon of Guano per liter, but I would like to know if it is correct, I also plan to mix a thin layer of guano with the soil before irrigating.

I hope you have enjoyed my experience this week, and I wanted to share it with this great community that I have opened the doors and has supported me very pleasantly, and I will update later regarding the use of this incredible organic fertilizer such as Bat Guano.

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That bat guano is really good during the veg stage because it is very high in nitrogen. During the bloom stage of the plants life it's better to use seabird guano because it is high in phosphorus. As for how much to use am not sure when I used to use these it said it on the bag. I also had to brew the mixture for at least 24 hours with an air pump to bring the microbes to life. That's what I know hope it helps.


Hello @mrtree420 I think that on the contrary is more recommendable the Guano de Murcielago for the flowering stage, of course the Guano de Aves Marinas is also good, but here I leave what I read about the Guano de Murcielago in flowering:

Conclusions on the Murcielago Guano for flowering

It improves the flavor of the final product in a surprising way, if you try it again, it doesn't surprise you that it leaves a peculiar mango or peach flavor in the smoke and a subtle earthy tone, a delight that I will never stop using. I insist on the final taste rather than the profit of production because it is very significant, a taste that is not forgotten when using bat guano in flowering.

The bat guano is a totally organic fertilizer coming from the excrements of bat that feeds of insects or of fruit these last ones that feed of fruit are precisely the ones that give a more fruity flavor to our harvests like with a tropical flavor to Mango.

To fertilize our plants of marijuana with guano of bat is going to guarantee us a superior production because the contribution of phosphorus and potassium that they contain is very important is degrading little by little being assimilable by our plants and absorbed by the same ones, provides extra hardness in the buds which are always more compact and hard that if we do not use guano. The guano of bat used a flowering of the marijuana is like the substitute of the PK when we cultivate with mineral because the PK contributes phosphorus and potassium and the guano of bat has the same function but being totally of biological and organic vegetal origin, which is going to be noticed considerably in the final flavor of our harvests as we insist.

Before buying the bat guano we have to pay attention to the proportions of phosphorus and potassium that it has of which I personally have tasted until now the highest is that of Agrobeta which also contains an important contribution of calcium that will help us to maintain a balanced pH in the substrate or soil of cultivation.

We recommend to everybody to use guano of bat in the flowering of the marijuana we take years doing it because seen the results that have it with the same one makes that you repeat culture after culture once you know the product or guano of bat. If you still have some doubt on how to use the guano of bat the flowering of the marijuana well its proportions or how to make a tea of guano with the same one do not doubt in leaving us a comment at the end of the article.

Liquid bat guano is another option for the use of solid bat guano, we have to take into account that it has another dosage and even other interesting applications such as foliar fertilization. We have been using Agrobeta guano, a Spanish brand of quality fertilisers, for years.

Applying it in liquid form it is more quickly assimilated by the plant as if it were a guano tea.

I found the information in Spanish and translated it into English so that you could read it, this is the source:


Thanks for the translation but I know spanish. Everyday we learn something new. This is all great information.

Bat guano works great for budding, because of all the phosphorous. I use it with very good results. I use dry bar cave bat guano. 0-10-0

Bat Guano is amazing and gives amazing flavour and terps. Just beware that there are some people that say that harvesting Bat Guano for nutrients is really bad for the environment