Approaching the Growing Season in Times of Pandemic

6 days ago


We are very close to the ideal time of germination, as every year the month of April represents those days where the seeds feel more comfortable to germinate, just when Easter arrives, but this time there is something that is happening globally and is that we are surrounded by a pandemic by a strange virus from China that is popularly known as Crown Virus and the World Health Organization called Covid19, this is a unique moment in our history and where we must be strong, in this quarantine and restriction which we are experiencing.

I am not going to talk about the virus because my intention is to talk about the seeds that I want to germinate, I have never been with so few resources since I started growing I have very few seeds, first I only have three seeds left that I generate the Pink Thai plant that I grow, of which I talk about in a specific publication that I will leave you in a link at the end of the publication, I have a lot of seeds left but very low germination, I have placed them to germinate in previous times and not a single one has germinated, but this time I selected some that I think may have some chance, but as I mentioned it is not sure that they germinate, we will have to have faith.


The supplier of enriched substrate from whom I bought some products unfortunately closed the company and was one of the few reliable in selling organic material, where I buy the normal gardening substrate for the mixture is closed by quarantine, not being a business that sells essential merchandise, only food and medicine shops are kept open.

I have to check the little material I have left and with that to cultivate, I even think I will have to reuse soil and I don't usually do that with new seedlings, it is a complicated situation, from tomorrow I could already start germinating, so I will do it with the ones that are of lower germination, I will try with some first leaving them in water for 24 hours to impulse that process.

And I will leave some of the Pink Thai seeds for the end of April when the heat is a little more constant, in that aspect of planning I don't have problems, but as I mentioned I lack resources, I will have to manage since we cannot stop cultivating, there is always that spirit of perseverance that takes us to another level to survive even in the harshest times.

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Talk about making gorilla growfare much more complicated under a lock down 😅 kinda glad I’m not worried about it... was contemplating trying to do a small gorilla grow ... show yea what I’m talking about since I never did take pictures back then 🤦‍♂️

Good luck with this batch of seeds 👌