"TSUE" Re-Veg Continues! Go Tsue, Go!! :D

last year

Every Day Her Growth Advances

I have a few grams of flowers of her left now, only because I've been rationing. Going to look for some CBD isolate or something today, to help out for a bit. Lower CBD levels are DEFINITELY noticeable for me in many ways.

I miss her 20% CBD and moderate THC levels, they mix with everything I use for my issues. :)


Treated for Root Aphids Yesterday

Everything in the house, including Tsue, is getting nuked for broad/claymen mites. I'll be starting new genetics to run while these plants cool off and recover the next 2-3 months. I can't stand nuking plants going into flower, but I have no issues on plants not being used for months afterward.

Go BE Awesome!! :D

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LOL :)


Nuked, as in using chemicals you would not normally use with cannabis. It will be months before the plants are clean enough to take clones.

Is this marijuana plant or a cross-product of something else? those leaves look so different.


This is what re-veg leaves look like. The plant is transitioning from flower back to vegetative, and there are definitely weird shaped leaves which form. :) This will continue for at least a month, and then eventually form regular growth again. :D

it seems you managed to save that strain, good re-veg!!!


Thanks! :D Yes, I'm looking forward to many crops of her in the future. :D


Hi Douglas, if you can drop by my latest Amnesia grow diary update, will like to hear your opinion on the two organic products am using against a Trip plague i got. They seem to be a good alternative to neem ;-)

Growing adorably well


Thank you :D I love seeing the daily progress, it's just going to be soooo long. lol