This is "Scale" on Cannabis

last year


A friend called and said they had "Scale" on their plants, most likely from the Elm tree in the yard. I had them hold off on killing them for a bit until I could snap a few photos.

Fortunately, "Scale" are very photogenic and do not move much at all. lol



Go BE Awesome!! :D

#pests #scale #bugidentity #yuck

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Whats the treatment? Start over or introduce predator bugs?


Alcohol and water gets rid of them quite easily.

KEEP ALCOHOL AWAY FROM ROOTS!! You've been warned. :)

Added Two More Photos

I still have issues with images on this platform...

Imagine if you had some bee hives around, they could collect the sap and make honey out of that honeydew! Scales are not moving around the plant just sitting there, so not too hard to control them. Just imagine the honey made out of it! Gives me the shivers!

I've been told these are "armored" scale bugs.