The Consequences of Harvesting Early (It's Rougher Than You Think!)

6 months ago

When Your Strain is Debilitating When Ripe, a Temptation Can be to Harvest Early

The attraction is a speedier, more "Up" type cerebral high. The downside is 3-fold

Lower Harvest Weight

Quite a bit of resin weight is produced by the plant the last few weeks before being ripe. Chopping early gives the same size flowers as waiting, but the difference in resin is a big difference in weight.

Lower Potency

Not waiting for amber means you're not allowing the plant to produce maximum THC/CBD/Terpene levels before chopping. This means you may have to use up to twice as much (or more), to get the same effect you would if you waited a few more weeks.

Shorter Effect Time

If you've ever had cannabis which lasted 30 minutes, you've most likely experienced early cut cannabis. The earlier the cut, the shorter the effect time will last.

Less Cannabis + Lower Potency + Shorter Effect Time

You'll be wishing you grew 3 times as much, especially if you depend on the cannabis for medical reasons.

Be Smart, Harvest on Time :D

Use a loupe and check the trichome amber percentage. Count 20 trichomes on the inside of a flower, not trichs exposed to direct light. 1 amber in 20 is 5%, 2 is 10% and 3 is 15%. I chop all new strains at 5,10 and 15%, because I want to find which point is the best ripeness for the specific strain. 40x Loupe

Less than 5% amber and you're reducing your yield, increasing the amount you'll need to get high, and decreasing the amount of time it lasts. So basically shooting yourself in the foot 3 times. OUCH!

Over 15% amber and a lot of strains start getting sleepy. The more amber, the sleepier it gets. If you enjoy life and want to enjoy the high of your cannabis, chop before your plants reach this point. :D

Go BE Awesome!! :D

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Who Hasn't Been Tempted?

Tempted by the lure of a speedier, more upbeat type of high? RESIST!! :) Look for speedier strains like C-99. :)


Better to find shorter growth cycle genetics than to take shortcuts to the detriment of your plant & resulting bud 👍


Indeed! :)

I guess the CBD content will still be low for a early harvest when considering CBD strains?


Good Point

Yes, the CBD production will also be lower. Some strains have been shown to have higher CBD when cut earlier, but it's a higher ratio to THC. You're still ending up with less CBD by harvesting early.