Re-Vegging "Tsue": We Have New Growth!! Thought I'd Lost This 20%+CBD, 8-9%THC Canna-Tsu Cut!

last year

I Was VERY Happy To See New Growth This Morning on "Tsue"

I've had this specific cut of cannabis for a few years now and love it. This last run with her my clones did not root. I took clones late in flower, and they too did not root. This run she was in a pot of dirt, so I figured I'd "re-veg" her to see if I could save the cut.

She's been sitting there for almost 3 weeks, not changing at all. The one thing she was not doing was drying out, so I've left her alone. Oh Happy Day! :D

Here are Photos of What I'm Excited About (See the Curled "Green" Leaf?)

Sooooo pretty!! :D Seeing the curled, funky looking new growth of a re-veg has never been so exciting. I've only done this a few times before, and it was never important to me like this time.

Bring on the Funk!! :D



What I Did to Re-Veg Tsue

Gave Her Some Food
2 Weeks before harvest, I fed her some vegging nutrients. Nothing heavy, only about 300ppm with 50ppm of it being calcium nitrate. At this point I was not concerned about flower quality. My main concern was for her to live through the end of flowering, and I knew she was going to need more NPK/micros than she'd been getting.

Clipped the Flower Tips
After harvesting all of the top flowers, I clipped the tip of each flower left behind. I have no clue if this helps speed re-veg, but I do know clipping the flower will slow it's growth for a while. Your mileage may vary. :)

I would LOVE to see a side by side re-veg with both clipped and unclipped flowers. :)
Placed in Vegetative Lighting
She's literally sitting in a window, next to some vegetables growing under blurple COB lighting. lol She gets morning sun exposure, which also heats up her black bucket of soil. The temps are in the low 70's, but comfortable enough. I'm sure it's the warm soil helping. :)

The COB light has been on 24/7 for the last 5 days or so, but usually there's at least 4-5hrs of dark a night.

Foliar Fed Once at Week 2
About 200ppm of veg nutes in a spray bottle, with a drop of Floralicious+, and a bit of yucca extract until it 'spread' on the leaf without beading up. pH'd to almost 7 with GH pH Up Powder. I've been using the GH pH Up in powder version for over 15 years now and love it. I'm wondering what the shipping issue is with it, since I only find the liquid version on amazon.

I've used the liquid version before, and it's literally the powdered version added to water. I just like having a jar of powder around, since I'm able to eyeball how much I need by how it looks in the scoop. I'm very accurate, and usually end up within .2 of the pH range I was shooting for. :D 15+ years will do that for you. lol

Kept the Soil Moist

If anything, I actually over watered her about a week ago, and the bucket is much too heavy for my liking at this point. I'm pretty sure the warmth of the soil is the only thing saving her at this point. She's not showing signs of oxygen depletion from overwatering, so time will tell. :)

Go BE Awesome!!

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Very good info, thanks!! great to see you saving that strain, I look forward to seeing how it evolves


Thank you, I'll make sure to post the results :D

Go get her man! She is not going to get away that easy :) I'm just ecstatic to see this kind of experimentation on smoke. Very curious what kind of plans Canna-Tsu has for you so Il be tuned.


She's the corner stone of several breeding projects right now. The plan is to make several autoflower and photoperiod strains. Won't be for a few years, but things are moving forward.

I have a jar of pollen from her, from an STS project I ran earlier. Should she have not made it, I at least have backup pollen. :D I've already crossed her to Tokarev T3, from Afterthought Autos. :)

The femming process using STS is so simple. Have you seen the guide I posted?

She has green growth at nearly every node now. I'm sooo happy. :D