Pollinated Tokarev-T3 Photoshoot (Better Light, Closer Photos!) STS Femmed Pollen!

6 months ago

I Posted Some Terrible Photos Earlier

I don't like poor photos, so I took some time yesterday to take quite a few more. The Tokarev T3 plant is a gorgeous autoflower, and the shriveled pistils from successful pollination are very sexy to me. :) I may lose my cut of "Tsue," so I'm very happy to have already used a clone of her to make feminized pollen and stored it. The anticipation of how their terpene profiles will cross is delicious. :)

Tokarev T3 is also rather frosty. This plant is simply sitting in a too hot, too dry environment. You can see a lot of green through those trichomes. I'm looking forward to growing them trichome dense for sure. I know she's going to look devastatingly gorgeous. :)
The pollen for this cross came from this jar of pollen in my freezer.
Jar of Femmed "Tsue" pollen

Yes, I Overfed Her a Bit

She was doing just great, until I added some nitrogen fixing bacteria and beneficial myco. lol She definitely became healthier, then went a bit dark on me. Since this is a seed plant, the decrease in smoking quality is not an issue. :)

Just Amazingly Delicious Looking


Sexy Lady!

Breeding cannabis is a slow-burn excitement for me. :)

Go BE Awesome!

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I think these photos are pretty good man. Plants are looking very sexy!


Thanks :) These were the best out of about 50 photos. Glad you approve. The genetics are Afterthought Autos, and I'm impressed as well. :)

Damn those last two pics look super frosty!


Thank you, they do indeed. :) I can't wait to grow them in better conditions. If they're this frosty being abused, I can't wait to see how they respond to cool and dry flowering conditions. :D