New to Growing? Please Choose Your Strain(s) Carefully!! Please Read, Resmoke and Share Socially!

6 months ago

I'm Going to Share Something I've Observed the Last 15+ Years

I'll quote a post I made in a forum the other day for reference, then elaborate a little further.

I've been data mining the internet for over 15 years now. At only 2hrs a day (LOLOLOL Once in a blue moon) that's over 10k hours of reading. I don't do much of the 'social' thing, I'm all about the data.

I'll tell you what I've seen a lot of, and that's many growers who chose the wrong strain to grow. Look around, dig though old grow diaries, especially heavy indicas or a very psychedelic sativa.

Everything goes fine until harvest, then things get weird. Posts lose coherency, frequency of posting often changes, types of ideas change, personality and emotional state starts changing, then they're gone. No more posts.


(apologies, still having image upload issues)

CBD Content Matters, Terpene Profile Matters!

I've spent 15+ years growing very potent cannabis. Only in the last several years have I worked with CBD rich plants. CBD definitely helps counteract some of the effects of THC. The specific amounts and combinations of terpenes can have an amazingly powerful effect on the psyche.

Rather Swim With a Life Jacket? Look for Strains with Some CBD in Them.

When I go through periods without CBD, I now notice the difference in my awareness. I LIKE having a stable psyche. I LIKE being able to remember details and have long detailed conversations. Using super strong THC, very low CBD cannabis leads to mild psychosis effects. These effects make it more difficult to be extremely accurate. Hell, with enough THC I'm rather unmotivated to do anything. lol I'm more logical and grounded with the CBD, and my r&d efforts are cleaner and more efficient. Everyone around me notices I spend a lot less wasted time and get more things done. lol

What Terpenes Do YOU Prefer?

Everyone is different, and what will work great for me may not work as well for you or not work at all. Deal with pain and respond to opiates? Look for Kush varieties with only 10-14% THC and you'll be VERY happy with any of the higher terpene producing cuts. The pain control is mostly through terpenes for you, and you have no need for high THC to get the pain relief. :D

I prefer citrus, lemon, clear headed and energetic terpenes. What have you found to be the flavors and aromas which work for you? :)

Combating an Improper Strain Choice

There are a few things you can do these days, if you've made a poor choice of strain.

  • Trade it with another grower
  • Buy a CBD product and use it daily. 100mg every morning will help significantly. Twice a day usually sees amazing effects at around 2-3 weeks of daily use
  • Locate high CBD cannabis flower or extracts and use some daily

I Want to See New Growers Like You Succeed!

So please take this information to heart, share it with everyone you know, and enjoy your new hobby or career happily. :) It's been an amazing 15+ year journey growing and I wouldn't trade it for the world. :D

Go BE Awesome!!

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