LED Project Moves Forward One Step At A Time: Ming & Ben 50w Cob-LED Test

last year

I Have Not Soldered In Nearly 4 Decades

LOL I'm tickled pink by the 50w glow of purple full-spectrum cob lighting. The wire is wrong (stranded wire instead of solid), the soldering iron is a $10 piece of junk from wallyworld and I still managed 2 decent soldering connections. Yaaaay! :D

540w of COB LEDs + BUILT IN DRIVERS! for $27 Shipped!!

Seriously, these are decent quality COBs at very inexpensive prices. With the built in drivers, the soldering is only 2 wires to the neutral and hot. :)

20w 30w and 50w cobs in neutral-white/warm-white/full-spectrum offerings. The 50w full spectrum are under $2.50 each. :)

As you can see, the light works great! :D

Epoxy Over the Contacts

Since the power leads are exposed, I coated them in epoxy and it's nearly set. The last thing I want is 110v ac current going astray. lol

Now I'm On the Hunt for a Used Power Supply

Without the fan running on the heat sink, the unit heats up after 5 minutes. The goal is to keep the LED cooled to below 70C. A 95w CPU heat sink does this rather well. :)

Go BE Awesome!!
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I recently bought one of these to test myself. My 12 volt power supply just arrived today so maybe this weekend I can get it up and running. It looks very bright, hopefully I will like mine. I got the heat sink, cob and power supply from China, they came on a slow boat but I have a total of about $12 in what should be a 50 watt COB, now thats a budget build if it works.


Awesome! :D

I'm running the first 2 with CPU heat sinks and fans. I've started planning a 300w cabinet using water cooling CPU blocks. I believe it will end up being less expensive in the long run. I'll be able to cool multiple cabs with the same reservoir and radiator. ;)

I found 80mmx41mm CPU cooling blocks on aliexpress for $5 each. ;)


I almost ordered those power supplies you listed, then I saw the reviews :(
I just ordered a 5-pack of 12v 1amp UL-Listed power supplies for security cameras. The reviews were mixed, but out of thousands they're decent. I only need 2, so I figured 3 spares to fail would give me a buffer while I return them. :)


Damn... all 5 work! I don't get to yell at tech support, lol. They work great for CPU fans, I'm definitely recommending these. :)

Looks very good pal!


Thanks :D

I was not impressed with the light output at 5v for the cooling fan. Once I hooked them up to a full 12v and the heatsinks went cool I'm very impressed. lol The driver chips have a thermal sensor and down-regulate as heat goes up. 5v just was not enough. :D