Great Autoflower Genetics? Yes! "Afterthought Autos" is Having a Ground Hog's Day Sale!!

6 months ago

All $40 Packs are $30 PLUS AMPLE FREEBIES!!

Usually very generous anyway, they get a little crazy with the promotions. lol The only restriction is a 2-pack minimum order and you have to pay shipping. I know, I know, we were supposed to have free pigeon mail by 2012 and it just didn't happen. Blame the progression of technology!! :D
Doc3 GH aft.png

Afterthought Autos Breed QUALITY!

I grew out an older offering of theirs called Tokarev T3 and it was very impressive. Great vigor, very healthy, dense flower producer and a wonderful terpene profile. Some of this plant made it into almost every bowl, joint and bong load for a month. lol

Get Your Order in Now and Be Ready for Spring!!

These guys are a small dedicated outfit, so please help spread the word by sharing and resmoking :) Thank you!
##Go BE Awesome!!
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