EC99 Flowering Update 7-17: I Really Need Better Soil Skills LOL (Pineapple Flavor Increasing!!)

last year

They're Still Alive!!

My soil skills are apparently not poor enough to kill them. lol Without being able to lower humidity, the transpiration is too slow and they're not going to get big and fat. :) The last 15 years I've grown in cool/dry conditions, and the results have been amazing. Now I have humidity I don't have the equipment to deal with. Bleah!

Here's the Original Post Covering the Equipment Being Used

I'm testing equipment for Mars Hydro. :)

Still Going to Be Better Cannabis Than Most Dispensary Weed! :D

The early clippings are simply delicious, with some of these plants having the heavy pineapple flavor from the C99. AWESOME!! :D

Go BE Awesome!!

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I think you really should have a black thumb to kill them in soil. Yet, I've never tried growing in hydro so I can't tell.

What's C99?? Cinderella 99??


Let's just say they're significantly underperforming due to my soil skill level. lol

Yes, C99 is Cinderella-99 :)

I like your interior, nice and clean. Nice shots. Just great grow!


Thank you :) It's a Mars Hydro tent interior, very clean indeed. :D Ty

Buds okay bro


Ty. I'm used to them blowing up more and being very chunky. C99 and ECSD are both "thunky" type strains. :)

C-99 is one of my top 3 strains. Those colas are still looking nice.


TY :)

You must really like that strain?
I usually do a few sativas and a really heavy indica or the other way around.


The abuse is making for some rather small flowers. The "Up" of both C-99 and ECSD should make a great combination. C-99 is one of my favorites, and ECSD has been phenomenal for me (for everything but memory! lol).