EC99 Flowering Update 7-10: Plumping up and Signs of Pollination (oops)

3 months ago

Dimming the Light Has the Ladies Less Stressed

They're chock full of fat white pistils, though a few show signs of pollination. This is not a seed run, so those seeds will have to fend for themselves. I'm growing this for smoking quality. lol

Things Wrong With This Grow

Broken potting soil, not transplanted soon enough, not enough nitrogen, calcium and phosphorous (at the very least) before flowering. Too small of root zone, at only half a gallon of soil each, too intense lighting for several weeks, newbie at soil... the list goes on.

Things Correct With This Grow

When you look past the flaws, the flowers are still the beauty cannabis brings to the world. :D

Go BE Awesome!

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This tent needed larger plants... lol

Hi!, I have a question, i a newby in cultivation, isn’t necessary get off yellow leafs? (Sorry for my english xd)


Thank you for the question. Your english is better than some natives, so be proud. :)

Until a leaf is completely dry and brown, my thinking is the plant can still pull some elements from it. This is why I leave any leaves on, until they are quite dry and dead. :)

Gosh I miss hydro :(