DIY LED Project: Thermal Paste Adhesive Arrived!

2 years ago

Piece by Piece the Parts Arrive

Gennel / Hainzlue Thermal Paste Adhesive in a 10g package. Not only does this glue things together, it also transfers heat very well.

I ordered 540w of mixed Cob-led's for $27 off Aliexpress and will need to cement them to heat sinks so the heat transfers properly. The chips need to stay cool.

Though the reviews are really good for this adhesive, I bought two of the smaller tubes first. I see myself ordering the 75g tube in the future. I'm thinking this is the end of HID as my primary flowering light. :)

On the Way?

Two different CPU heatsink/fan combinations to test. Once they arrive I'll post the assembly and results of the adhesive. It's supposed to be REALLY strong adhesive, but I'm keenly interested in the heat transfer ability.

The cooler the chip, the longer it will last and the better the output will be. :)

540w of COB style LED's for $27

Bitminter's Tutorial on Building a 50w LED for $5

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The wait for heat sinks is killing me... lol