Can You Store "Mixed" STS Solution for 9 Months and Then Use It? (Hint: Yes!)

6 months ago

Mix Your STS Fresh for Best Results!

I posted a HOWTO Feminize Cannabis using STS last year. I mixed some STS and used it for a month to reverse a plant. I kept it in a sprayer bottle with a black plastic sprayer top, a brown glass bottle, and a 30gal plastic bag wrapped and taped around the bottle. You can see it in the picture below.

This literally sat in the back of my fridge for 9 months, next to the STS stock solution bottles of A and B. You can see those bottles in the photo, on either side of the sprayer.

This is Tsue Being Reversed With 9 Month Old STS Solution

She puts the U in Ugly!
When Tsue was done being reversed, she wasn't dropping any really visible pollen. She looked so bad, I thought the run had been a failure. Still, I had found tips during my research and had included them in the tutorial, so I used them myself.

I clipped the flowers from the stems and pulled as much excess plant material from them as possible. I then dried the flowers for a few days till they broke apart easily. I used a tea strainer and gently crushed the flowers through the screen. There was an amazing amount of pollen in the un-opened and partially opened flowers.

Did You Know You Can Store Pollen for a Decade?

Make sure you remove as much moisture as possible before freezing. I toast the moisture out of rice and use a jar for a dessicant chamber. I changed the rice out twice for the Tsue pollen, leaving it to absorb moisture for a few days each time.

Here's an image of some Early Dane pollen drying out.

Separate in Packets and Store in the Freezer

I also add toasted flour at a 1:50 pollen:flour ratio and mix well. When I put a plant worth of pollen in a small pouch, I also include some toasted rice as a dessicant. Extra protection from moisture changes.

Place these packets in a container and then in your freezer. A thermos will definitely reduce damage from thermal changes, but I need to get more of them. lol Here's my jar of Tsue packets for now. :)

The Proof is In The Pudding!

Here's a Tokarev T3 Autoflower, from Afterthought Autos, I pollinated with the Tuse femmed pollen. As you can see, she's definitely pollinated. lol I'm sooo looking forward to this cross. The goal is to end up with an autoflower, high CBD, fruity and orange citrus terpene profile. :)

Then I'll make them femmed! lol :)

Go BE Awesome!! :D

#feminized #sts #cbd #diy
p.s. Yes! I definitely need better lighting and a REAL camera! Oh my goodness!!

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Check out , think you will enjoy it. You can trade,sell or buy clones,seeds and pollen.


Thanks for the information. I'm not into those activities these days, but I can see how it would be very resourceful!! :D