Best of the Best and Best of the Cheapies! Looking for LED Lighting for Cannabis?

6 months ago

Here's the Quick and Dirty

There are a lot of cheapie LED's on the market today and the vast majority of them are very poor at growing cannabis. You can definitely grow plants, just not stellar cannabis. So what are the best recommendations today for getting the most cannabis for your LED buck?

Best of the Inexpensive LEDs

You want LED and you want it now, but your budget is a bit limited at the moment? You'll be wanting to take a serious look at the Galaxyhydro Roleadro 1000w. The testing has been done by a few growers now. At $99 for 200w of decent quality LEDs, it's killing it on a budget. Here's the link to the data dump on lights where you can see the comparisons of a number of different LED lights by cannabis growers and by spectrum output.
Roleadro Galaxyhydro 1000w

Budget Not an Issue? These are Today's Best of the Best in LED Lighting for Cannabis

When you want the absolute maximum quality and efficiency from your LED lighting, there are 3 companies standing well ahead of the crowd. Using the latest ceramic based LEDs on the market and high quality craftsmanship, these lights will last you a minimum of 10 years of top of the line performance.

As you can see from the writeup I shared, Black Dog LED, Fluence and California Light Works are the top of the line off-the-shelf lights for cannabis in the USA. These guys are working directly with cannabis and their lights, so you know their results are better than 'general' LED lighting for common plants.

Black Dog LED Phytomax 800 @ Under $2000

California Light Works @ Under $400

Fluence Spyderx 330w Starting at $900

LED's Are Crushing It Now!

The latest advances in ceramic based LED chips have as little as a 10% decrease in output over a 10 year period. The older plastic based chips have a 30% decrease in the same time span. Awesome!!

Go BE Awesome!!

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Why do you promote the 1000W scamlight here, which is more a 100W light?

There are only a hand full of high quality LED manufactures:

  1. Bridgelux
  2. Samsung
  3. Cree
  4. Citizen
  5. Osram
  6. Nichia

For growing plants, full spectrum (3000K) white LEDs are always better and cheaper than blue/red lights. The Vero SE 29, a 250W COB (BXRC-30G10K0-C-73-SE) costs about 25$ and is suited for a cheap and high quality DIY.

Bridgelux gives also a 10 year warranty for the Vero series.


Look, the inexpensive LEDs being offered are all mostly scams. If you're GOING to buy something inexpensive, the Roleadro is the best of the cheapies. Compared to the rest, it actually performs.

I have nothing to do with the Galaxyhydro way of ridiculously naming their products, you're correct in it's not a 1000w light in any way. Again, these are the most inexpensive lights you can get and still get decent performance.

Thank you for listing the high quality LED's. The Black Dog LEDs, California Light Works and Fluence lights are using these same LEDs. Awesome stuff. :) They're definitely the choice for DIY projects as well.

Greatly appreciate your input.

Keep BEing Awesome!! :D


The Fluence Spyderx is the only lamp I would consider to buy.
The Black Dog made some big steps forward in terms of LEDs, but the light distribution and price is not in a good spot.


I too appreciate the quality in the Spyderx light systems. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the best of the best. Black Dog is still making very decent lights for the money, which is more than almost all the other mfg's can say. Were I not able to afford a Fluence or California Light Works, I would settle for a Black Dog if I had the money.

Personally, I'm a DIY guy. :D

Nice..l. I buy the low watt... Full Spectrum bulbs for about $12 and my 4 plants are doing great....




So glad to hear it :)

I Strongly Urge Anyone Looking at LED's to Read The Thread I Posted

There's a lot of detailed information posted in great detail here. Definitely worth the read. :D
Information About Grow Light Spectrum, PAR, Photosynthesis, Leaf Surface Temperature

Go BE Awesome!! :D

I dont like leds.. I used it for testing but dont like it... Best for my ladys was all the time blue and white light for growing and my mother plants.. The led's was to hot over time in my tent.. So i used oldscool white light and blue and had the best results. And i had a better led block as in your picture. It was expensive and one ot he best at this time we can have in my country.


Yes, heat build up is definitely not good for plants. It's a good idea to use enough ventilation to keep plants cool. :D