540 Watts of DIY LEDs for $27... Shipped?!?!? Oh Yeah!! :D

last year

Thank You BitMinter!! I Really Appreciate You Pointing These Out!

Those who missed it, BitMinter did a great job creating a tutorial on how to wire up and heat sink these lights. His DIY Tutorial: How to Build a 50w Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Under $5 post inspired me to pick some of these up.

I strongly recommend anyone with DIY skills to pick some up. They're soooo inexpensive! Here's what showed up in the mail yesterday. :)
These are Amazing!! :D

Built In Drivers!

That's right, these LEDs do not require purchasing a driver to wire them up. They need a hot and cold lead soldered to them, and they come in 110v and 220v versions.

They Can be Cooled with a CPU Cooler

LEDs run hot at the base, and the aluminum base needs to be glued to a heatsink using thermal adhesive. A basic CPU cooler like this one provides plenty of cooling. I ordered 2 tubes of the adhesive and one of the CPU coolers yesterday. I'll put up a post when they arrive. :D

Multiple Watts, Multiple Spectrums

I have some playing to do and more research. Some of these are for herbs and other food plants in the house, but the rest are for cannabis. :D

Go BE Awesome!! :D

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Nice one! These are great LED's and I am happy you went with the Ming & Beng they are awesome! I have ordered a few 50w 8 band chips to test, looks like somthing new and I am dying to try them out!!! They need driver's but deliver a 8 band full spectrum :-)

How freakin awesome is this! This clever COB includes IR, UV and 6 other spectrums all perfectly blended into somthing magical... Well I am convinced!

I have ordered a few 50w 8 Band chips at $12.40 each and can't wait to test them out.

Here is the link 50w 8 Band COB

Let me know what ya think.


Wow! :D

I can't wait to see what LED tech will be like in 6 years. Be sure to photo your progress and show us how well they work out. :D

Nice kit buddy!
I want to buy some cree xcb3590 for indoor growing


There's a lot of traffic in the Micro Growing circles about those LED's :) I don't have the money for those and a driver yet. Some day :D Those start at $26 and they're 36v?? (not sure). They also need an additional driver.

The difference is big though. The xcb3590 is a very solid performing LED :D These BitMinter pointed out are lower quality, but give me more options at the moment. My goal is to build a light for a 4x4 tent with the xcb3590 or the next gen taking it's place.

I'll be using the ones I picked up yesterday for a few micro-cabs for cannabis and edible plants like kale, spinach, lettuce and such. :D

Go BE Awesome!! :D


The Cree LEDs are to expensive. I only use Bridgelux, because they are much cheaper and have better thermal resistance.
The largest one, Vero 29 SE has 250Watt max. power for about 26$ (+tax).
For smaller grows the Vero 18 SE or EB Series are more suited.


Excellent information, sorry I missed this earlier. :D

These are awesome, I am unsure on the soldiering. Never really did it so not sure if I could make this but this would be perfect for my growbox


It's simple, and you'll be great at it with a little practice. I suggest practicing with a broken electronic device. Learn to use flux, so your soldering times are short and your connections are clean. :)


Alright. I will look in to it. I got some old pc fans that need wires maybe ill take a go at that


Sounds good :D
Have an old stereo? That would have thicker soldering points, closer to what the LEDs will require.

You LED NERD! Love it. Give me more. Thanks for sharing this knowledge.


LOL My pleasure!

May it bring you a lot of pleasure as well. :D

Wow these lights are awesome, I bet they will make life a lot easier for you mate. What's the power consumption like? Thanks for the info, bong on bro. :-)


You're welcome :)

This is going to make it easier for me for a variety of reasons, yes. :) As far as I'm aware, they're at or below their listed wattage. They may not be the most awesome high end LED, but they'll get the job done. lol


Growing with these LEDs gives me some headaches. At the end of the day these things matter:

  • Efficency (over 50% in PAR spectrum)
  • Endurance (10 years warranty)
  • Safety (short circuit protection, potential free current source ...)

Saving some money on the start does not benefit in the long run. With a Meanwell/Bridgelux setup you will have more fun.


Having grown for 15+ years indoor, I strongly advise not tending your gardens while the grow lights are operating. Type of light does not matter, they're not good for your eyes.

An alternative is to use eye protection. ;) Appreciate your looking out. :)