Algunos tricomas - some trichomes

last month

Hola de nuevo, Amigos

Hello again friends

Esta vez quiero compartirles esta fotografía de uno de los cogollos de mi planta matanus del banco geaseeds en el cual se alcanzan a observar a simple vista sus hermosos #tricomas

This time I want to share with you this photograph of one of the buds of my matanus plant from the geaseeds bank in which you can see its beautiful tricomas with the naked eye

Captura de pantalla de 2020-12-11 13-13-16.png

Captura de pantalla de 2020-12-11 13-20-17.png

Buenos humos

#indica #life #art

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Great photo's . I like the translation as i'm learning spanish. Mucho gusto .


Gracias por comentar amigo, mucho gusto también.

Thanks for commenting friend, nice to meet you too

Incredible photos..... upsmoked and resmoked....


Gracias por el apoyo amigo, me ha gustado mucho tomar fotografías con mi Smartphone y mi microscopio de 60x adaptable.

Thanks for the support friend, I really liked taking pictures with my Smartphone and my adaptable 60x microscope. 🔬


@difo92 gracias amigo.

I need to get really stoned up to read Spanish....


Jajaja 😂😂

You know it's gonna be some killer when you see the trichomes clearly without even needing a loupe! :)


Así es amigo, esta variedad tiene muchos tricomas, se ve exquisita.

That's right friend, this variety has many many trichomes, it looks exquisite. 🤤

Amazing pictures 😊💚


Gracias por el apoyo.

Thanks for the support friend. 👌🌱💚



OMG SO MANY TRICHOMES! :D You say some but it is many many!

que linda


Gracias amigo.

Thanks friend.