Kali Mist - Clone #1 - Flowering - Week 9

6 months ago

Outstanding Development

Finishing the ninth week, I'd say the plant is a week in advance compared to what I've had under HPS/soil. Can't wait to smoke it :)


I've trimmed the plant to ensure maximum lighting on the flowers


all good

If you want to learn more about the history of this plant:
LED Flowering Space
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Stay tuned for more...

Dharko, from the underground.
#cannabis #led #flowering #cannabiscuration

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This is some heavyweight grow. Bravo my friend ..stunning, when I saw them i just .....

..lost my words...


Thank you mate! And under only 97W of led lights ;)


That's really impressive!


wow 97 watts!! thats quite a feat @dharko

It has been a great story, I have read every one of your posts, soon it will come to an end but it will be a happy ending


Thanks jos3lider! A few more weeks for the happy ending :)

Wow those heads are looking awesome mate, thanks for making me salivate, Lol. Not long now before you can taste the fruits of your labour, bong on bro. :-)

Wow.The plant look really healthy and big. Cant wait to see the finished buds.

Hey dude, I dont like saying this but this plant looks like she has a PK deficiency and burnt at the same time, what E.C. and PH are you aiming? Roots look wonderful!


I don't have any EC/pH-meter for the moment. It might have a nutrients defect since I was gone for the holidays. The plant has too much light in the upper part (it has grown too fast), it's almost touching the light bulbs. The flowers are perfect and at least one week in advance. I've never had that kind of results in soil under HPS, so I'm pretty happy for now. Thank you for your advices, I'll be more cautious with my second plant :)


Wow! Then you did like a master. In my eyes its like launching a rocket with abaccus, growing weed in hydro without measuring equip.

Gotta love those roots! Impressed from day 1!
Also, the overall look is stunning!
How much weight did you get when trimmed?
Keep up the good work... :)

Yeah that's a root mass!! Very nice , advantages of hydro I love it. You said only with 97w, great work man.

What a beauty.