Kali Mist - Clone #1 - Flowering - Week 3

7 months ago

The plant is getting stonger, roots are getting massive. First signs of flowers appeared at the end of the week.

the canopy at the end of week 3

Clone #1 is now growing/blooming under 88W of LED light at 2700°K, the water is changed every week.


monstrous growth

I've trimmed a few leaves at the bottom of the plant, they were dying. It came from the stress of the first week (a lot of light for not enough roots), but it's not a big deal since we don't need them anymore.


healthy roots

At the beggining of week 3, I reduced the volume of water from 15L to 10L, this explains the rapid growth of the plant during this week (more roots => more leaves and branches).

As for the size of the plant, to give you a scale, the lid is 30cm x 50cm: it's 50cm tall in the first picture and around 70cm in the last one.

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Stay tuned for more...

Dharko, from underground.

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This is an example of how root ball should look like! Great work. And difference in the picture above and below - how the claws are flattening out. Good stuff!


Thank you very much lion!

Nice one, it's getting tall 👍


It is getting tall. Those roots are beautiful!

She's really starting to get going now and the root ball is amazing, thanks for sharing mate and bong on bro. :-)

Thank you guys! Indeed, it's almost growing too fast, I'm worried for the future :)