Kali Mist - Clone #1 - Flowering - Week 2

7 months ago

This is a recap of the second week of flowering.

I've changed the water and added a 12W bulb. The plant is now growing/blooming under 88W of LED light at a 2700°K color temperature.

Growing Up

going up

The plant looks better than during the first week. The leaves are still droopy but the trunk is getting stronger.

Growing Down

going down

The root stystem is bigger and is catching up with the size of the plant. This looks promising.

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Stay tuned for more...

Dharko, from underground.

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It's coming along, keep us posted! 👍


Yes sir, I will ;)

I think i also need to start growing weed at my backyard haha

Wow, you can see the growth from one day to the next, she's looking really healthy. How tall is the plant? Just a suggestion, could you put something recognizable in the photo to show the height and girth of the plant, like a coke can or something like that for scale. It's hard for a novice to actually tell the size of the plant from a picture. Thanks for sharing, great pictures depicting the growth from day to day. Bong on bro. :-)


Indeed, it grows very fast. Even if I know this genetic for a few years now, I'm totally shocked! The combination of hydroponics and LED is explosive. Amazing. The plant was 50cm tall on the last photo. I'll try to put an object for scale in the future. Thank you for your reply bro :)

Beautiful roots!


Thank you mjgeek! Air bubbles are the secret :p