Kali Mist - Clone #1 - Flowering - Week 5

in #grow
6 months ago

Just a quick update, I haven't been home very much this week. Everything looks good :)

I've just added a bulb to my set-up this week.

More Light

I've added a 9W LED (2700°K) to my artificial sun.

from 88W to 97W

More Flowers

the plant is really blooming a lot this week

More Roots

as you can see, the roots are growing very well

If you want to see the previous posts about that plant:
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Stay tuned for more...

Dharko, from the undergound.

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Well done! I see you are an experienced grower...
You are using hydroponic's... I am getting informed about that as i am planning to start on my own...

Very nice setup. The flowers look like quite the beauties. Your light must be like you had a sun there.

Amazing work with your setup...
And flower looks healthy as fuck...

Wow, very impressive! That is so professionally done your indoor growing. Look at those lights! Unfortunately, it is illegal still in the Philippines. The weeds are grown secretely here.

Now that is a lighting system! I am impressed!

The buds are developing quite well too!

God Bless

Really impressive and one of the best way to grow marijuana.