Limp Leaves Plant Issue Discussion

10 months ago

These were all grown under the same condition but i recently notice 2 plants with limp leaves at their tops while the rest are fine.

Thinking they could be dehydrayed, I watered them a little, heightened the light and still no difference. Any ideas?


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That one is hard to say maybe thinking it was water, I know I had this issue not to long ago and under feeding can make them look really sad

Most Likely Lack of Oxygen

When the soil is still moist and the plant looks like it needs water, the oxygen from the water has been depleted.

If I'm correct, you'll see them perk back up as their soil dries out. :)


I had two LEDS going for the 1st time, took one out and they perked back up. Guess it was too much heat, not enough ventilation.


Could have been. :)

Can you take a front picture of the leaf with a white light?

Are there any spots, yellowing or something different on or under the leaves? It could be the start of a nutrient deficiency.