Indoor CBD Hemp Trim/Harvest

last year


Nothing is more soothing than a kratom shot in the morning followed by a thorough trim and harvest to some backround instrumentals.


#grow #cannabis #cbd #hemp #harvest #smoke #smokenetwork #nugporn

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Nice nug shot mate! Its a long one


She grew like a beast. Def need to reveg and clone.

What CBD strain is this? I am a big fan of AC/DC, Peach Puree CBD and some of the CBD crew strains.


Special Sauce from Oregon Hemp Collective. Can't find any further info on the strain besides terpene profile.


Is it hemp or weed though?

Beautiful picture :) I bet harvesting to some backround instrumentals is very relaxing. Which tunes were you listening? Any youtube link for us?


Everyone has their own preferences but I usually listen to

Nice picture. Beautiful plant. Cheers!


Thanks, guy!

Uhuhu my friend..this looks so sticky-yicky.


Oh, it was. Scraped quite a bit off of my scissors. Some fruity funk.