Flush Her

last year

Approximately 2 weeks left til cut down and she's just about at peak trichrome production. Should be some sticky, smelly, powerful flower.


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Looks nice and frosty. :)

Flush with clean water for best results. :) When you use <14ppm water, there isn't enough 'stuff' in it to lower quality. ;)

Organic or refined mineral, if there are excess elements in your root zone there's going to be excess in your plant. :) It's significantly easier to flush refined mineral nutrients out of your soil. Most organic amendments do not flush out easily, so it's better they already be depleted near the end of flower. Yes, you can over-amend with organics and cannabis, the plant is actually very good at phytoremediation ;) Beware the Dark Side!

Keep BEing Awesome! :D

Ive never seen. any scientific. evidence. proving that flushing does anything benificial I do flush but just saying.


I wouldnt say it's meant ti be beneficial to the plant, just to the product. Smoking organically grown, flushed and unflushed synthetically grown, I can say it definitely affects taste.

Looking like the dissank