AC/DC CBD Harvest

4 months ago

AC/DC from Tweedle Farms bagseed. The main stem was hollow for some reason while my others weren't. Any ideas?


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I had a plant with a hollow stem. Stems were huge too. Seemed super burly at first, but once it split under pressure, the thing pretty much collapsed.

Did you notice any male flowers or seeds? Mine popped some male flowers, but I suspect it was because I stressed it while it was in flower by re-potting. Turns out most of the advice online was right about that one. live and learn.

Congrats though! Looks amazing.


Im thinking it's the way I trained this one in particular. Basically bent two stems on opposite sides of eachother to damn near a 90 degree angle w/o it breaking but I'm guessing it caused the main stem to grow a little wider than it started. Lol. Sounds legit. Mine was a midget plant, so thats probably why it didn't collapse.

As far as any hermie action, she seemed to be anatomically correct as well as the other 2 strains I grew. Luck, I suppose. But thanks man, I appreciate it!

Possible borer? Pest? Just throwing that out there. Suppose it could have been damaged internally and grew up around a void?


Turns out the other hemp stems were a bit hollow too. Guess thats normal. Def no pests going on though.

No ideas, but would like to know if it will taste different than usual.

my friend I think I have the answer, I have spent that in indoor plants, the plants as you know are intelligent and in their stem to beat the wind produce solid stems however in the interior it happens otherwise they are usually hollow inside , put a good fan that moves the air of your crop.