My 3 survivors

in #grow
2 months ago

here are my 3 lone survivors of my nasty spider mite take over. They are taking nicely and hope things will start to take off once they get comfortableAmherstD-11Roses-CriticialCheese_closeUp.jpe

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You can see how they suffered: ((If I'm not mistaken, then the spider mite does not tolerate moisture

Take some dawn dish liquid and some water and put it in a spray bottle next time you have mites and use it on the plant, it kills the mites and saves the planets organically. Sadly the organic chemicals are still that chemicals and leach into the product. I have had great results using this method.


thanks for the advice :)

I hate pests. It sucks that we have to combat that sometimes but it's worth it in the end, most of the time. Good thing that the plants are so strong and able to recover and stuff also!


I totally agree