When Your Boys Hook You Up! Candy Kush #Tetrapak Challenge

6 months ago

I am excited, haven’t grown in a few years. This will be interesting having been awhile and starting back in with a first in limited space grows.


Candy Kush Clone: From my homeboys their personal favourite for yield and flavour with the least complicated growing requirements.

I asked for advice, they said put in dirt and water heavy once nearly bone dry ... for my intentions it will do well being a strain that really enjoys the drying of soil before a complete soak ... they be thinking more about the amount of medium then anything else 😅 Stoners 🤦‍♂️ figured screw it let them focus on that detail I will just see what happens for kicks!

I will be doing the full #tetrapak post once I get home and get the sucker all planted.

Till Next Time Smokers,
@D00k13 Out!!!

#candykush #hybrid #challenge

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Nice awesome to see more joining. can't wait to see how it grows


Should do pretty well coming from a hearty year old mother 🤞

Woop woop! Watch your ass @saladbowlgrower, you got some competition now, lol


Lmao I dunno about that 😅 I will do my best though once I find a bloody carton to use 🤞 today