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you keep bringing penis's into the equation

Crucially the man must love himself and have sufficient esteem and confidence to interact favourably with his aspired partner but without arrogance or narcissism.

Those supposed olive branches were not without arrogance or narcissism.

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They were. Perception is what makes those things both subjective as well. What you consider arrogance, I consider observation of facts and reality. What you consider narcissism, I consider, again, an observation of my interactions with my peers.
You can quote intelligent people all day long, it does not make you so. Your IQ is still very low. You can only comprehend so far into what you read, that's the issue.

To know one is better, is not to be arrogant or narcissistic, it is simply to be aware of how one measures up to another in the grand scheme of things. I didn't choose to be better, it was by design that I was made that way. Why would I not embrace that fact of life? Smfh.