Christmas Order 1 of 2

6 months ago

Got one of my Christmas 🎄🎁 orders today!!
An addiction lol, into the vault they go and I’m excited for my second order to arrive!!


Had to pick up some supplies as well, have to get some Gorilla Cookies started up as soon as I can.


Grabbed the finisher I’ll be using for the 3 In The Pinks while I was there.🤟🌱🇨🇦


Not fully ready for my cloning station but getting there, will definitely be booming come another 35 days or so!!


Some dank and papers I got for Christmas! 🎄🎁💨👌🇨🇦 Hope your all smoking on something good these holidays!!


#strains #life #smoke #nugporn #wolfgang

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Where did you buy those seeds from? Would love to get some for myself. Btw cloning station is looking dank. I am still learning to do cloning properly but right now I'm trying to learn to do it with Soil or water and using cloning gel. From what I've read all you need is a sterile medium to root the clones in, so rockwool is perfect, but over here rockwool is pretty expensive relative to what clones cost, so I'm trying the hard way first which is to get them to root in soil.

Merry Christmas yes of course we are smoking something good

Christmas shopping,hey?

Where do you order from? I have only really used truenorthseeds.


Everywhere lol, no where specifically. Anywhere I see something decent also have family with a P.O. Box in the US which makes it sometimes easier as Canadians are facing hard duties on goods from outside the country


Yeah, I have only looked at Canadian ones and i love marijuana. Got a list of ones you trust?


Try seedsman, seedsherenow, and Attitudeseedbank. Some these can take over 30 days to arrive if you are shipping to Canada. Don’t expect to get em in a couple weeks.


I’m never loyal to just one seed bank. If there’s a pack I want I’ll figure out how to get it if it’s not on one of them. But the three I listed, between them should have anything your looking for!👌👍🌱