My Introduction: Grower In Exile

4 months ago

Hola and Aloha Friends,

My name is Melanie. I’ve been blogging on steemit since July 2017 under the name choosefreedom. I’m 41 years old and steemit was my first social media account. I’ve recently returned to steemit after almost a year off, and that’s when I heard about I am a third generation grower and have been a grower my entire adult life.

I’m currently living in Mexico because the state of Hawaii, where I spent 12 years building my beautiful off grid mountain home, is threatening my partner with 30 years in a cage for growing cannabis at his own home. We currently have a great lawyer, and are working on getting the charges dropped. We’re hopeful that we will be able to go home soon.

Growing a plant without the proper paperwork in Hawaii is currently something the “authorities” think is a horrible crime, a class A felony, right up there with rape and armed robbery! Just growing mind you!

We aren’t “on the run”. They had him in custody last May for 19 agonizing days in Washington state, when we first found out about the charges from the incident 3 years prior. Hawaii decided they didn’t want to extradite him and he was released. We just can’t go back to Hawaii where our home is until this is resolved. Since we can’t stand the cold wet winter in the northwestern US, and Hawaii is not an option right now we decided to give Mexico a try. We’ve been here since December and have been posting on steemit and YouTube, as choosefreedom, about our experience here. So far we love it! Check out my posts on steemit and my YouTube videos if you’re curious about our life here.

After being a daily smoker of cannabis since I was 15 years old, I haven’t consumed cannabis in any form in 2019. It’s been an interesting experience, not at all as miserable as I had imagined. I’m looking so forward to breaking my fast and smoking massive quantities of beautiful tasty homegrown buds like I’m used to, but I can wait until the time is right. What a celebration it will be!

My intention here on Smoke is to write about the state of REAL cannabis legalization. By real I mean cannabis being treated like any other herb or edible flowers. Anything less than this is prohibition 2.0. Real legalization begins with descheduling at the federal level.
Real legalization also requires the release of those unjustly caged for ANY cannabis offenses.

I’m also interested in writing articles featuring small artisan craft cannabis farms and farmers. Cannabis consumers, just like food consumers, need to know their farmers. If you don’t produce your own, which most don’t, you should, in the least, try to know and trust those people who produce what you put in your body.

Thanks for reading, I’m happy to be here.

Peace ✌️
#aboutme #cryptosmokers #cannabis #community

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Welcome to the Smoke community. We still have lots of work before this natural product receives the legal recognition it deserves.

Hopefully you will find a solution soon for the experienced issues.


Thank you.

Welcome to!🤙🤙


Aloha, I want to start by saying I really appreciate your support for my work here. I too have chosen the beautiful Hawaiian islands to make my home. You’re on Maui, is that right? Our home is on the Big Island. I miss it very much. I enjoy seeing your outside pictures and plants.

I know you are a great asset to this network and I hope the trouble of late smooths out. I know I am new here,and don’t really know anyone very well, but from my very limited perspective I see two people who both care about and want to see it succeed. It really is a great community here and you are an important part of that community. I hope you will try to forgive those who spoke harshly to you. I know you’re a compassionate person. I think everyone is probably sorry for the negative things they said, even if they haven’t been able to admit it. Aloha and mahalo brother. 🌺🌈


Thanks, happy to find a community of cannabis and freedom lovers

That sounds a tough experience - not being able to go back I mean, although going without weed is too :). I too would primarily like to grow, and if not, to at least know who is growing it and what kind of energy is going into my joints. I'd love to see the local corner shop sell home-grown surpluses - when legislation catches up.

Welcome to smoke anyhow @choosefreedom 🤞🤞🤞

High fellow cannasseur or should we say bud. We are delighted to have you here on!

That's a tough story you two have
Hope you find your safe place here and maybe get rewarded for your creative contributions. We can’t wait to see what type of content you will showcase. We are always happy to meet people that try to bring value to this platform by posting cannabis related material. We hope you will be one of them and we will try to support you in doing so as much as we can. On the other hand, unrelated content will not be noticed or supported. Plagiarism will be flagged.


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Thank you for reading my post. I appreciate the information and tips for success. Peace

Awesome first post! Happy to have you around! Quite sure you'll enjoy the experience.
I also started smoking with 15, btw. :)


Thanks @mayb! I appreciate you reading it.

Welcome to smoke! Your among like minded people here!


Thank you. I’m happy to be here and am feeling very welcome. I’m grateful to have found you guys.

Awesome. Welcome to I am in Canada where we have Fake Legalization meaning you can only buy super expensive Government taxed and toxic weed.


Yes, all this “legalization” is not for the people. They would love us to believe it’s a people’s movement when it is nothing of the sort. It’s a corporate takeover and the only way to fight it is to stick together and support our local small craft cannabis farmers. Don’t buy their Kmart weed. If you’ve always bought from a black market farmer whose products you love keep doing it!


I agree support local farmers


So far I have bought zero Government weed. I grow my own and buy online at

Hey welcome im new myself and wow i pray for ya both... its unfortunate, i hope you both can return home very soon


Thank you for your kind words and prayers. I think we have found a great community here.

hiii and very welcome @choosefreedom <3

Welcome to the smoke family. Look around, have fun and take a puff. I hope you find here what you are looing for.

Hello @choosefreedom, firstly am in love with your username. Welcome to smokenetwork, am very sure you will fit in here... Was nice reading your awesome intro, enjoy your stay here 👍✌

Welcome to SMoke! I have seen your Steem posts, and they are great. Feel free to join our Discord, where the cannabis community of the blockchain's reside, :)


I will, thank you. Is this conradino23? I've recently come back to steemit, and found canna-curate from your page, and then from there found If it's you I really appreciate your support and kind words last year on my departing post. See you around:)


This is @jonyoudyer. We have not seen conrad for a few months now, :(

Welcome home!
It is a pleasure to make
your acquaintance, M'Lady!
Happy to have you join this
eclectic community...

Welcome @choosefreedom interesting what you raise and regrettable what you are going through at the legal level just for cultivating the sacred herb that should not represent any kind of crime, but there is the double standard always distorting situations.

When I arrived at I had a warm welcome and it would be conducive that you also feel comfortable to arrive, of course this is the ideal place to share ideas, experiences and projects related to cannabis and all that we can relate to this incredible world, I think this platform is a big step to expand and strengthen the vision of those of us who belong to this incredible culture of Cannabis.

Welcome back to safe harbor.

I have a good friend from the big island who just got out of prison. Her husband initially got sent to prison after being allowed to distribute cannabis for over 10 years. I think he pissed off a politician or cop b/c out of the blue, they got shut down and he was arrested.

Several years later, she was arrested.

Very sad. Especially considering what's going on now. People forget that cannabis is still very much not legal and people are suffering.

Pisses me off when I see people trying to profit off of #420 etc


Thank you. Yes, cannabis is still far from legal. Are you referring to the Christies? I’m very familiar with the case. Disgraceful how so many people are still being treated like serious criminals while “legalization” is being rolled out all over the world.


Yes. Share. I've never met her husband, but I've known her for a long time. I actually spoke to her a few weeks ago. She's an awesome person and has no business in prison. It's just insane.


Insane. For sure. Fuckers held him in prison for 4 years awaiting trial! Said he was a danger or some shit. I’m happy to hear his wife is out.



Nice to meet you too. I’m happy to be here.

Hi! Do you guys actually read the law? I've been intrigued by how the law works for years so I know how the system works. Please check Anna von Reitz, she has documented the law in the US best AFAIK. I'd wish I had such documentation for my country! Ask me if you need anything. I really hope you get your house back!


I will check that out. Thank you. I know I should have been more informed on the law. I have just never agreed to any of it so I ignored it. Just lived my own peaceful life. “They” wouldn’t let me, and chose to use force. I am learning so much though, through this. I try to find the good in everything.

Great intro. : )