The fruit of the earth

last year


After passing several stages today it is time to go to earth, these beautiful cannabis plants are closer to their flowering process. I am currently thinking about giving some talks about this plant but this goal is a little difficult to finish because here cannabis is illegal, so you can imagine the consequences of a talk like this.


Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N By @chester

This land is ready to receive and cultivate the first 7 cannabis plants, today they have approximately 2 months since their germination, they look very big and strong. Lately I've been very busy with these girls so they can look great.

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Starting to come along very nicely that is for sure,

2months. Thats look great. My last outside grow with a friend was last year. The ladys had 1month time before ibset it out. It was a good turn. Your decision to make 2 months make me happy. Love to the what going on with your ladys. That will be great. I push the thumbs for you. I Hope you have a nice run buddy.👍👍😆

Good start with huge pots. Don't get in trouble!

I think its time to repot on the pot in the centre.