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Hello smokers, how are you doing? I hope they are very well, although I am very bad because this month I think it has become the worst of all and I live in Venezuela, cannabis is illegal, many say that here a civil war or a war against the United States, none of this is safe but what I am sure of is that none of this goes well, even though all the obstacles some sheep ate my cannabis plant while I was taking some sun in the morning, such reason I have to start from scratch, all these things have kept me unmotivated and a little away from since it saddens me a bit to see everyone showing their plants in growths and mine just died and already, there are times that I curse these little animals that ate it but there's no going back haha.

A new beginning....

My father is a cannabis smoker, he is the person I talk to most and I share time, he has several plants of Cannabis Sativa, for reasons of safety he does not let me take pictures of his crop but he is very kind to his son and I give him a gift a small plant that today is growing with all the security of the world, I am thinking of implementing some system so that the sheep can not eat it again.


She is very beautiful even though she is still very small, this plant has given me new hope in the cultivation of cannabis.


Some of its leaves have burns on their tips, I have tried to investigate a little about this in search of a solution but I do not find anything relevant, I hope you can help me a bit with this, I come from a brutal tragedy and if this plant dies , I also hypothetically die.



Maybe I have a bit of bad luck these days and I hope it changes a bit, nowadays I find myself investigating how to grow this thing healthily like my old plant.

Without anything else to add I say goodbye to a future publication, if this content you found interesting you can feel free to leave your opinion in the comments, I would like to know about what they think about my new plant and what I should do to keep it healthy.

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N by @chester.


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Don't worry it will grow very fast


That I hope friend, this has me a little afflicted!

I hope my upvote motivates you and stay strong in Venezuela, hopefully things will turn positive. In my country there are also lots of Venezuelan people arriving and we're trying our best to help them.


Here we all look forward to positive things, thank you very much for your blessings friend, I have heard that as dark as this night will always be the sun will come out again. :)