My new girls

last year


Today I am taking care of these beautiful cannabis plants, they have approximately 1 month and some days, they remain stable and very beautiful, here we are in the Summer season and in between so much dry grass they shine with their green color in the distance.


In summer time everything that was previously considered green happens to take on a brown color due to the large heat waves that hit this area, however this is not an impediment for these plants to remain beautiful.

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N by @chester.

A few days ago the only cannabis plant that I had in my possession died. Nowadays there are a few that were integrated into the family. Haha I can not hide my joy because for days I was sad for that loss, today I am again with the smile of bod marley on my face XD


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They look lovely and healthy. Keep um happy and satisfied and they will reward you. Just like my wife.


I already want to see flowers in their branches haha ​​I do not contain myself. XD


Patience, it took me 6 months to seduce my wife. Think this needs few more weeks of seduction,maybe less.

  ·  last year

She looks very beautiful and so innocent.. Can I be her friend please 🍁 🍁


Of course friend! :) is great.

Lovely girls, please take good care of them, you will be glad you have them😀


They are like my daughters, I almost sleep with them haha