I extract the fruit of mother earth. - Sativa

last year


I would like to plant a cannabis forest, or at least a ganjah garden. I remember when I started planting cannabis. I only had one cannabis plant with which I learned many things about planting plants.


Today I have tomato, pepper, paprika, papaya, mango and watermelon crops, all these plants are like my daughters. Spend time planting is something that dexterity sometimes because I feel that I do something that fills me inside. My lands are somewhat extensive and I have the possibility of creating a company to grow and produce food, for me this opportunity is great.



All this started with a cannabis plant, this is one of many that began planting in different places so that they were not found by government agencies. I risk a little and I think I'm the only Venezuelan here in Smoke who has a prosperous cannabis crop.

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I hope you liked my post, greetings to all. I wish you a great day.

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