Can I remove the withered leaves?

9 months ago


My plant is still beautiful and very shiny, but yesterday I took it outside for a few hours and I forgot about it for a few moments, some of its leaves withered but others are shiny as always. My question is:

Can I remove the withered leaves?


I would like to leave their leaves and wait for them to fall alone, but I do not know if this will affect other leaves of my plant in the future. Haha just a few hours to neglect it and it is horrible, I hope it recovers soon, I just have that doubt about its leaves, I hope you can help me a little in this.


Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N

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There are many growing techniques that involve taking leaves out, mainly the ones taking the light of buds underneath(as an example GG4 takes that technique very well). If you still are in the veg period or early flower its kind of OK although I wouldn't recommend to take them out for a change of color(which usually comes from lack or excess nutrients or PH inbalance). What I would ask you first, next time to take the photos without color filters, so we can see what could be the problem, to me that burned tip of the leaf that you show in a circle could mean an excess of nutrients


The photograph has some editing, but this does not affect the reality of its leaves, what you see here is the true color of its leaves. So, do you recommend lowering the dose of water and organic nutrients a little?


Is that the only burned tip? what week of the veg period are you? are you using soil? what kind of nutes and dosage? the leaves shape look like a Sativa , or a Hybrid with a lot of Sativa traits? are you balancing PH?depending on the answers we can look at what might be the problem(s)