Another day and its relusientes colors.

2 years ago


For now it does not have a very beautiful plateau but it serves to refresh the land that accompanies it, its land is very fertile, it has organic matter in industrial quantities, from decomposing sticks to dead grass. All this creates an ideal environment for my plant.


This is the fertile soil of your plateau.


I plan to add some manure, but I do not know if it will be an excess of organic matter haha, do you think I should add a little more vitamins to my plant? or saturate it with so many minerals?

Taken with SAMSUNG SGH-T599N

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your plant looks very healthy it seems it is not necessary to add nutrients, although it can be irrigated with rainwater or vermicompost humus


Yes, that is one of my fears hahaha

This root looks like sativa strain, is it? I guess you should not add any more fertilizer, it may cause burn of leaves and kill plant


If it's a friend sativa strain. I do not use fertilizer, it only has abundant organic material XD some leaves were burned by a worm that wanted to eat its leaves, but today it is rejuvenated.


I support healthy growing, organic fertilization is best (my oppinion) but also if you need quality cannabis buds then, plant may need some zinc microelements while flowering so don't hesitate using it at 12/12


perfect!! :)

How many weeks does she have? Is she taking much light?


It has about 5 weeks. She is still very young, she is in a place with enough light to stay on her feet. Some 6 hours of dim light and what remains is darkness and freshness e.e