Garden Trash Volume 2.

8 months ago

so I report to you again after almost 6 months
The new season of Garden Trash Volume 2 begins.

In short, I will return to the season last -

photos from the harvest and subsequent care is no longer possible in our legislative conditions, so let's say that everything went to compost :-)
But there was work to be done

For this season, I ordered seeds from Sweetseeds (Cheese & Black Jack), EvaSeeds (Jamaica), Ministry of Canabis (Big Bud), Humboldt (Chemdawg).
I still have AutoCheese seeds from Humboldt, but they won't go to the ground until the end of May.

The first 4 seeds went to the ground on April 2 and I planted Chemdawg in a greenhouse on April 14.

I left the places the same as last year. The soil was cared for and received some vitamins over the winter.
I already have growth fertilizer ready in the form of mixed and leached nettles (best nitrogen fertilizer).

And now let's go to the first photos

End of last season

  • throwing into compost

Last year there was a problem with rainwater - it hardly rained, but this year it should be even worse.
That's why I bought a new cubic tank for rainwater.

They went into the pots the first 4 April 2. I was still pre-growing for a friend.
Out of a total of 9 seeds, 7 came out. Jamaica did not break twice :-( (the most expensive seeds about a third more expensive than the others)

On April 10, I moved to their new and final places



Big Bud

Black Jack

On April 14, I planted in the pot 2 Chemdawg climbed only one. In the next photo from April 29, he is already transplanted in the greenhouse in his place where he will stay.

I took another photo on April 30th.
All the flowers caught in their places.
Unfortunately, Cheese was bitten by a chihuahua :-) :-(
Although I didn't believe he would get out of it now, it's a little better.



Big Bud

Black Jack

Foto 4 May



Big Bud

Black Jack

That's all for now with this year's Garden Trash Volume 2. and I'll add one more photo that it's not just cannabis growing in the garden - that would be boring, wouldn't it?

Thank you for watching and see you next time.

For comparison you can open in another window article from

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and compare photos.

Or check out my other posts here -

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I would like to say that in the Czech Republic it is allowed to grow 5 cannabis plants (but not their harvest). Therefore, do not take this blog as a guide to the production of THC :-)

Thank you for the coments and possibly a little donate for a new technique for taking pictures.
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Welcome back man, missed your grow blogs! :)

Awesome. Welcome back to .... upsmoked and resmoked. I will also go and Subscribe to your YouTube Channel and like all your videos


youtube is yet only verified BAT cannal - maybe in future pick video of growing

Looks great! Waiting to see more good posts!

Welcome back man.
Garden of Trash with a Gold value

Beautiful garden friend

Is a greenhouse what comes out to the side of the plants?


yeah is it

Wow, you finally made the area and it´s all be going to be green again this season. Congrats and welcome back!