Garden Trash Vol.2 #9

4 months ago

Hi Growers,
welcome again after a week to my photoblog Garden Trash Vol.2.
the photos were taken yesterday and I only had one try because there was no more time so this time excuse the lower quality of the photos. I didn't like the sun either.
When I started complaining, Chemdawg really stands in the greenhouse, probably when I broke the middle stem, he put all his strength into healing himself and the growth falters.
Jamaica and Sweet Cheesse got a support net, but the growth could be bigger as well.
On the contrary, Big Bud and Black Jack are doing well.
In the bucket, Jack also had a plan
And there are only young people left and so far I will write only everyone is still alive.
As always closer to the photos themselves.

Enjoy nature in disarray

Black Jack foto 2.7

A healthy flower that I plant inside the flower so that it has enough strength to grow bigger. I took another tee from her bottom and she only has one left. I will write more about this at the end of the article in the section clones of rejuvenation.
I'm looking for a bouquet of the same curry net as my BB, so far I can't do it until next time.
I didn't fertilize much, it doesn't seem to need it.



Big Bud foto 2.7

A strong plant that has hopefully a promising future ahead of it.
There are also two twigs left at the bottom that will go away. One is waiting for a friend when he returns from abroad and goes to him in the garden and the other I try to put in the field. After all, I already have more in the garden than is healthy :-)
I did not fertilize, I only pinch the shoots which are extra.
I always leave the flowers in the lower branches (they are used for secondary production activities)
The view photo of both plants is very full of greenery - the potatoes are also a nice height.

bb bg.jpg




Jamaica foto 2.7.

I put a support net on the flowers in the alcove and I accepted that there will be no bushes over two meters like last year.
Next week it will be exactly the same day I started with my first photoblog. So I'll give you a comparison of photos and you will compare a lot (although you can do it now if you click on the older posts that I always give in the end to the photoblog.
The reason is not so sunny weather, but I put the flowers 30 cm away from the wall and especially water drips from the roof in the rain.
Well, we will fight and I will try to make the most of it.
Slightly fertilized.



Sweet Cheese foto 2.7.

For the time being, the Cheese standing next to him also has a support net above him and I will drive him a lot to the height so I will pinch the lower branches.
I fertilized lightly and will wait for the sun



Chemdawg foto 2.7.

The flower stopped me a lot. The plan was to fill the whole space and then let the flower grow in height until it bloomed.
Unfortunately, she doesn't really want to grow.
I didn't change the soil in the greenhouse this year, I just added manure in the autumn.
It is possible that the soil is depleted and the flower has nothing to take from.
I need to fertilize more.
Even such an experience gives me writing a photoblog, even if only I read it.
If you also have questions, do not be afraid to ask in the comments.
Next time you will see a comparison with last year and you can see a striking difference on this one.
Well, maybe he'll be surprised.


Black Jack (baby) foto 2.7.

I stretch all 4 vertices to 4 sides.
There is still a tomato with a flower in a bucket, only if someone wonders.
So far, I have only the bad experience with growing in a bucket and it can be said that I try every year, but I am still a beginner.
So keep your fingers crossed.

bj baby 2.jpg

bj baby.jpg

Young shoots and clones photo 2.7

already 4 shoots that I let take root under the ground associated with the plant are in the ground and trying to survive.
The healthiest is the one that has been in place for 14 days, so it's just time to start prospering.

klon 2.jpg

The one who was the central figure of the last photoblog and the example didn't work out very well and the roots on the flower were only a minimum, it is still recovering and it probably won't be able to do it.


The minibabies are still standing in the aquarium, but they have not dried up.


The last one is from yesterday, when I cut off a branch from BJ and this time left the whole soil cover, but you can still see the roots on closer inspection.
The clone is the right size and this one will most likely catch.


kytka koreny.jpg

That concludes today's photoblog. You can see the past weeks so far I'm going honestly after a week ;-).
Or a link to one post from last year.

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I would really be happy for that.
I need 200 followers to be able to add videos !!

Of course I'll be happy for a comment tip or that you'll share a post with friends who might be interested.

See you next time

smoke peace and healthy

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