Garden Trash Vol.2 #11

3 months ago

Hi Growers
welcome again after a week to my photoblog Garden Trash vol.2
Today I'll take it really fast and show you more or less just photos.
But there will be 16 of them, so at least you'll see something.
The weather is really rainy this year and I hope that autumn will be dry and the flowers will have room to ripen.
They are all gaining power now, except for the greenhouse, the flower in a bucket and the young, all of which have made little progress after a week.
The others are doing well and I pinch every day.

But let's go to the photo.

Sweet Cheese photo 16.7

The plant is catching up with what it missed and it is doing really well, see the beautiful eight-leaf leaf.




sw jam.jpg

Jamaica foto 16.7

Together with Jamaica, they have already filled the space and can grow in height.
Jamaica grows a lot with side branches as I still bend its top to the ground.
Platn is struggling with that, but I think she already understood me.

jam 1.jpg


Chemdawg foto 16.7

I decided not to bend it anymore and try to fill the whole lower space and let it grow as it wanted.
I resigned her a little.


chem 1.jpg

Big Bud foto 16.7

I pinch and bend the branches



Black Jack foto 16.7

Common BB and BJ beautiful plants.

bb bj.jpg

definitely the plant that grows the fastest.
The stem is smaller than BB, but the weekly gain is certainly the largest.
I will be curious about the overall height. I think we have about a month when the flower switches to flowering.

bj prvni.jpg


Black Jack baby foto 16.7

The plant absorbs substances poorly from the soil.
does not have a good color.

bj baby.jpg

And the rejuvenations foto 16.7

are just that extra. In fact, they're really extra, if someone like the police came, I'd have to rip them out. With us we can grow only 5 plants as I write below.
We will see how they end up.



That's all for you again next week.

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So thanks again.
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See you next time

smoke peace and healthy

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Love those fat leaves!


exactly me too

Keep on planting. Your stuff are cool and good looking.