Garden Trash Vol.2 #10

last month

Hi Growers,
July days are for us who live in Central Europe and we like the heat the most beautiful of the year.
The temperature at night is already around 20 degrees and the flowers are obviously thriving after a month of rain.
Only in the greenhouse is it slower.
Today we will discuss what I did with the flowers during the week, evaluate the rejuvenations and finally compare the photos from last year's photoblog Garden Trash, which I started last year with the documentation on 10.7.

So let's get to it and enjoy photos of mighty nature

Black Jack foto 9.7

The plant was given a support curry net a few days ago, which a friend who had just finished giving me.
I broke two twigs during assembly, but it didn't hurt the flower at all.
On the contrary, I stretched the middle of the flower significantly. In the same way, from the point of view of the photo of the back branch, I reduced it a lot.
The sun doesn't work on them anyway - the south is behind my back.

bj první.jpg



Common with BB - green vegetation
Do you know everything in the photo?
The winner who writes the most correct plants in the comments will receive a reward :-)

bb bj.jpg

Big Bud foto 9.7

a massive plant that has a stem at the root already 3 cm in diameter. Plant height 1.45 m.
I'm afraid to prune the lower branches as always, but I'm quite reducing the new shoots.
Even so, the flower would need someone else to trim because I'm very nice to it :-)
I stretch to the width.




Sweet Cheese foto 9.7

Flowers begin to fill the space
Cheese grows tall and catches up late. At the end of the comparison, you will see the difference compared to the AK47, which was in place last year.
Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the flower and I think that in the end, with a little care, it will be a handsome one who, when ripe, will be king.



sw jam.jpg

Jamaica foto 9.7

what to say to her.
It should be taller, but I bent it to the ground from the beginning to make it branch.
So remorse can go to my side.
I fertilized both of them twice a week so we will see the effect
Overall, I'm still disappointed with the Jamaica variety. 2 of the three seeds did not come out of the ground and this course of growth is also nothing extra



Chemdawg foto 9.7

For me, for incomprehensible reasons, the plant in the greenhouse is not far behind.
Although she should have the best conditions for growth, she does not want to do it at all.
not even double fertilization solved the problem.
Although now the secondary twigs are starting to grow, it seems to me that they will fill the space only with great difficulty.
On the other hand, there won't be much work with her and after all I have two more flowers this year and if I wanted to I could have more on BB and BJ, there are two branches rooted underground that would go to transplant, I still think.



Baby Black Jack foto 9.7

The name will remain right behind the flower
I have spread it in all parts of the world and now I will let it grow
He managed the transition to the outdoor environment well, so now he has less than a month to grow and then quickly to bloom.

baby bj2.jpg

baby bj.jpg

Rooted rejuvenations photo 9.7

The one that was photographed in the previous photoblog so it is no longer alive continues to grow.
The smallest one in the aquarium I didn't even photograph is still standing and none of it will be alive.
The second one with a hockey stick, as I call it, because I don't know exactly which one is when I was young, the roots have already taken hold and the flower has grown and even the small side twigs are coming to life - something will grow out of it.
and the Third is still rooted (it's a week) in its new place.



Comparison with last year in two photos
At first you can see the AK47 AK47 lemond from last year and next to this year's cheese and jamaica
on the other hand, in the greenhouse there is a big difference at the lottery Chemdawg
he did not fill the space even halfway and he also lacks the height of one glass.



That's all for you again next week.

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See you next time

smoke peace and healthy

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