Make Clones From My Plants

3 months ago

After cutting my plants, there is a lot of material left over to make clones.





#grow #cannabis #outdoor #clones

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Very nice pictures and a question I would have, why did you cut the leaves. For what is this good? Have heard it but never tested myself. Will follow you. Greetings from Germany :-)


What the cutting of leaves brings, I can not say. I only saw it somewhere else. I did it because the clones are so close together.


Thank you for your answer. I have seen it only where else.
Nobody could explain it yet.


another good question ;-)

Looking good bro, I took my second snip at clones going to make the post today 😁


Great, looking forward to seeing it.

that´s the way, making your grow productive!!! well done

Nice! Nothing better than cloning up the cryp!🤙

Use ziplock bags if you don't have a humidity dome!

Think they'll take? Did you apply rooting growth agent?


I think they will make it, if not the frost comes to get them. ;-)
To stimulate rooting, I give Root-Juice from Bio Bizz into the water.


Could get a garden/patio heater to save them from the frost? 😂

Or just bring em inside when it gets too chilly? lol


I have no way to protect the clones from the frost, not even inside. I only built a mini greenhouse to protect the clones from wind and rain and to keep the humidity high. It's just experiment. :-)


good question!

Looking awesome,

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