Grow Update #9 (Day 51) White Gold from Seeds | Flowering (Day 20)

2 months ago

Today is the time to feed the plants.


The plants have now reached a height of 1 meter.

Every 3 to 4 days the plants get 2 to 3 liters of water. I am currently feeding the plants with Bio Bizz products according to a feeding plan.

I hope you enjoyed the impressions of my grow.


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You just got some gold shots!

Not wasting any light with the herbs on the side, nice work.

They are growing very healthy mate!!, canopy seems to be very even, do you notice much difference between plants in shape and height? (aside the ones you toped)


Now 4 weeks after topping you can see that the plant is at the same height as the non-topped, and that more light reaches the lower branches. I have to say that I like the shape of the toppled plants better. They occupy the room much better, especially in the upper area. The growth density thus shifts upward.


In a plant, I'm not sure if it has become a hermaphrodite. It also stands out because of its leaf color, the green is much darker than the others. It is one of the topped plants.

I already wanted to remove the plant but I'm not sure, please help me :)




they seem like pre-flowers to me, look at the hairs coming from the top of the second one, In any case keep a close eye, you should be getting the same behaviour from the other ones. That dark green color means excess of Nitrogen, maybe that plant is not so close to the light and is eating less?? you could solve that by pouring 3 times the capacity of the pot in ph balanced(6,2) water, but, make sure the last litter has already a mix with nutrients at half strength

Thanks for the upvote, if you want photography lighting tips, let me know! you're plants look amazzzzing!

Good work man, spliff all over it