Grow Update #5 (Day 26) White Gold from Seeds

6 months ago

Today I watered the plants again, this time I added fertilizer for growth. The plants have now reached a height of up to 30 cm.



For my grow I use soil and fertilizer from Bio Bizz.


Here is a comparison of 2 days since the last grow update.


I hope you enjoyed the impressions of my grow.

Links to the previous ones day24, day21, day16, day12

#grow #indoor #cannabis #hibryd #strains

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What kind of lighting system are you using?


I use a metal halide lamp.

Looking better and better every post.

Looking good man, I have never heard bio bizz

I've been considering buying and using those grow bags. I priced them out online and at the hydro-store.

How do you like them?


I use the bags for the first time, so far I can not complain.